Bed and Breakfasts in Florence Italy

As much as there is to see in Florence, its bed and breakfast establishments are the most popular and will surely charm every visitor. Mostly restored and renovated old homes and mansions, these accommodations are an assorted mixture of old and new. While thorough refurbishment brings out the original chronological charm of brick fireplaces, antiques, woodwork as well as features of the represented period, the rooms are comfortably air-conditioned. They also contain many contemporary amenities such as Internet access, Jacuzzis, hot and cold showers, and minibars.

As is customary, bed and breakfasts in Florence serve breakfast! There can be a broad variety here, so you may need to check with the administration to ensure you’ will get the type of meal you like or require. Some hotels offer full breakfasts with meat, toast, rolls eggs as well as pancakes, while other bed and breakfasts will have more of a continental breakfast –doughnuts, juice, and coffee. Note also that only some Florence bed and breakfasts charge an additional fee for the meal, even though it is included in the room price in most.

Reservations are always a priority. Guests who reserved before their stay will be given priority over “walk-ins.” Because of the limited availability of the rooms, it is clever to book in advance so that you, as a guest, will be alerted of a high occupancy rate. It’s always a must to know the check-in and checkout time. Through this way, you can plan for your tour and plot your itineraries in Florence beforehand.